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The Reviews:

Programs marked Old haven't been reviewed recently and may have issues.

1. Charting and Calculation Programs.

My Mountain Astrologer review of AstroMapping Programs

Astrology Calendar Software

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer version 6.0 and version 7.0


ChartWheels 2  Old - Discontinued

Blue*Star  Old - Discontinued

Day Watch Astrology Calendar Software

Digital Jyotish 1.5  Old - Service Problems

Goravani's Jyotish  Old - Major Changes

Haydn's Jyotish


IO ProPak for OS X on the Mac

Janus 3.0

Janus 4.0 & Janus 4.3       New Review

Jyotish Tools For the Pocket PC

Intrepid 2.0   Updated May 2009

Kala 2002 Vedic Astrology Program

Kala 2006 Vedic Astrology Program

Kala 2008 Vedic Astrology Program

Kepler Reviews through version 4.6

Kepler 4.7 through 6.0 Reviews

The New Kepler 7 Review

King of the Stars: Chinese Astrology

Millennium StarTrax

Nova Chartwheels

Pegasus    updated August 2010

Parashara's Light  Old - Major Changes


Shri Jyoti Star ver. 3.12

Shri Jyoti Star ver. 5

Shri Jyoti Star 6 -- includes new slide show of features

Sirius 1.0 & 1.1    Updated August 2010

Solar Fire ver. 3 & 4

More on Solar Fire version 5

My full TMA review of Solar Fire Deluxe (version 6)

My Full Mountain Astrologer review of Solar Fire Gold (Solar Fire 7)    New!

Solar Maps

Starlite Freeware

StarTrax for Windows  Old - Discontinued

The Basic Ephemeris

Tibetan Astrology  Old - Discontinued


Win*Star 1.0 and Win*Star Plus ver. 1.5  Old - Major Changes

Win*Star Express 3.0    Updated October 2008

ZET Geo 8    January 2010

2. Interpretation Report Programs.

Advanced Forecast Report

AstroInsight Natal Report

AstroQuest Oracle Horary Astrology Program

Cities and Towns Locational Report

The Composite Report

Electronic Astrologer Future

Electronic Astrologer Natal

Flower Essence & Gem Natal Report


Indra Natal Report

Karmic Insight Report

Kid Zone Combo Natal Report

The Life Path Report

The Loveties Compatibility Report

Love, Honor, and Cherish Report

Merlin Natal Report

The Professional Natal Report

Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis Report

Riley Natal Report

Riley Secondary Progressed Report

Roadmapping Your Future  Old - Major Changes

SkyScope Natal Report  Old - Major Changes

The Sky Within Natal Report

Solar Writer Classical & Medicus

TimePassages: Natal, Transit, Synastry Reports

Vocational Guidance Report

WinWriter Reports

World of Wisdom Horoscope Interpreter

3. Research Programs.

SuperSearch  New!


DAV  Old - Neglected

AstroDatabank 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0

4. Miscellaneous Software.

Redshift Astronomy Program

Lunabar -- moon phase tray icon

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