The Top Ten Astrology Software

I have been exploring astrology programs since the dawn of the personal computing era, when the only company making astrology software was Matrix.

I took it upon myself, as a volunteer project, to help every company design, debug, and refine their astrology programs, and then to review them in astrology journals so that astrologers could know what was available.

Astrology programs vary incredibly, from those for beginners to advanced professional astrology software.

I decided to create this listing to help elucidate the best astrology programs available, organized by needs.

Top beginner's astrology program program

Janus Light is a truly amazing astrology program for novices because it has full well-written reports for birth charts, transits, compatibility, and relocation, as well as a complete time-change atlas, chart animation, and even an astrological calendar!

Best inexpensive power user's astrology software

Janus 5 is the fastest evolving astrology program on the planet and a best buy! Each new free update adds priceless features to its already phenomenal feature set.

It has great Traditional, Vedic, Astromapping, Horary, Electional, and Diurnal features, plus an excellent Wheel Designer, full delineation reports (like Janus Light but more extensive), the best Eclipse maps, and powerful and unique predictive searches.

Greatest ease of use and best designed astrology program

Solar Fire is truly a masterpiece. No wonder it's the number one choice for so many astrologers.

It is easy to use and incredibly powerful, with an unparalleled Page Designer, a pioneering Time Map (predictive graph), the most advanced chart and page animation features, phenomenal chart and time search tools, sophisticated auto-jobs (creating and printing sets of charts, tables, and graphs at the push of a button), a great astrological calendar, and much more.

Ultimate search program

Super Search by A.I.R. Software is the most powerful search tool for chart files, events to charts, and events in the sky. The complexity of searches it is capable of is breathtaking.

You can watch a video about its design and features here.

Huber software for astrology

Regulus Platinum is the supreme astrology software for Huber astrology.

It is incredibly full-featured (and not just in Huber functions). But the Huber capabilities include powerful research features and Huber charts and tables, plus Atacirs, Persona, Ascensional astrology, Nodes and Apsides, Embolismic and Mensal Returns, Life Scans (showing transits or progressions or direction for the whole life), and much, much more.

Superlative astrology program
for Traditional Astrology

Delphic Oracle XPF offers the most accurate, advanced, and up-to-date traditional astrological techniques, remarkable 3D graphics, TerraChron Astrocartography, System of Hermes, stunning interactive time lords graph, huge variety of chart wheel options, and more.

Supreme Jyotish software

Shri Jyoti Star is used by the top Jyotishis because it has the most accurate calculations, a huge number of tables, graphs, dashas, and charts; phenomenal screen and page designers, premier research features, Vedic astromapping, Vedic chart and time searches, incomparable Muhurta graphs, and much, much more.

Foremost astrology software for using many points

Prometheus allows astrologers to both place an incredibly wide range of points in charts, and to search for transits and progressions and directions by an incomparable number of moving points including house cusps, Arabic Parts (Greek Lots), Eclipses, Lunations, Apogees and Perigees, and many more.

Prometheus also has the best predictive graph by far, with planetary stations placed in graphs and the unmatched ability to customize the aspects used for each point!

Finest Mac-native astrology program

Astro Gold for the Mac is a pioneering and rapidly improving astrology program for the Mac.

It has a fine range of features including many types of progressions, hundreds of extra points, a graphic ephemeris, astromapping, eclipse searches, Lunar Mansions, Profections, Essential Dignities, midpoint trees, multi-wheels, and more.

A Smorgasbord of Techniques

Sirius is the program of choice for astrologers venturing off the beaten path because it offers many unusual techniques and approaches, such as midpoints and harmonics between charts, Solar R.A. arc directions, Anareta, Partile and Refranation table, and for the really industrious, astrological modeling tools for life themes, prediction, and compatibility.

Sirius also has the largest atlas, asteroid and fixed star reports built in, the most extensive set of add-on reports, and modules covering a wide range of schools of astrology.


Note: I have omitted some astrology programs for a variety of reasons:

The Intrepid astrology program's author passed away in 2016 and the program has been removed from the market.

Every Vedic astrology program from India that I've examined has very serious calculation errors.

And there are several other very good astrology programs but I've limited the list to the ones that I think are most noteworthy.


Astrology Apps
for phones and tablets

You can read my article exploring Astrology Apps for your iOS or Android devices here.

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